Low Level Laser Therapy

Treats T.M.J. Muscle Pain & Helps to Heal Cold Sores faster

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Searching for a well-experienced Dentist in Toronto can be a very time-consuming and overwhelming experience for many. The good news is,  you are here at Dr. N.R. Greenbaum's page. 

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The Three R's of Dentistry

Yes, we're taking on new customers now! 

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Why Choose Dr. N.R. Greenbaum?

  • Practicing Dentistry since 1964 makes a lot of Torontonians, their children and their grandchildren happy and regular customers.
  • All major areas of general Dentistry are covered.
  • Serving major communities in their home languages makes his practice open and inviting

Our Team

We are proud to have a friendly and accommodating staff. 

  • Fluent in Portugues
  • Fluent in Italian 
  • Fluent in Spanish 

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